40yearsauthorsAfter 40 years of marine conservation at Lundy, a record has been produced summarising how and when the major marine conservation landmarks occurred, describing some of the marine life highlights of the island, and celebrating the success of all of those who have been involved over the years. This book also provides the opportunity to document some of the early studies of marine life that used scuba diving and the methods that had to be developed to sample and monitor that life.

In the book, the two people who have most consistently contributed to the development of marine conservation at Lundy, Keith Hiscock and Robert Irving, explain briefly (and illustrate profusely) what happened when and how but also identify how much more there is still to find-out about the marine wildlife of a fascinating island.

The book was published as a limited edition (480 copies) signed and numbered by the authors. It is now out of print.

Publication of this book has been aided by financial assistance from:


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