Lundy is an island in the Bristol Channel between England and Wales on the west coast of Britain. It attracts many visitors, both for its peaceful surroundings and for scientific research. The waters around it are a marine protected area (MPA). The island itself is mostly granite with a farmed area at the south and open moorland to the north. It is protected by numerous environmental and heritage designations.

The Lundy Field Society in an independent, voluntary group which has been studying all aspects of Lundy's archaeology, history and natural history since 1946. Results are published in our Annual Reports and in a peer-reviewed Journal. The LFS is also a 'Lundy fan club' for people who love the island and who want to learn more about it and keep in touch with other Lundy enthusiasts. The LFS is a registered charity.

There are currently about 480 members of the Lundy Field Society, mostly in Britain but with others around the world. The society meets annually at its AGM which is usually held in Crediton, near Exeter, at the beginning of March. As well as society business there are talks on recent work on the island and an opportunity to meet other members.

Members often also meet on the island.

New members are always welcome - you can join here.

The LFS produces three publications which are distributed to members, a Newsletter in February, the Annual Report in the autumn and the Journal containing longer academic papers. The Journal is produced annually or biennially depending on contributions. The LFS promotes and publishes research on the island and members also carry out conservation-related work on the island.

If you have something to contribute, please contact the relevant editor.

Latest news

We recognise that many Lundy enthusiasts will be missing the opportunity to visit, or stay on, the island at present. To help fill this void we are arranging a series of online talks - hopefully one each week. The topics are being notified to LFS members by email and advertised on our social media channels.

We had hoped to distribute copies of the new volume of the Lundy Field Society Journal at the AGM earlier this month. Due to the restrictions on movements, we have been unable to post these, so we have taken the decision to make the Journal available on the website immediately - see here.

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The planned Marine Festival on Lundy this summer has been postponed, due to travel retrictions and related concerns over introducing COVID-19 infection to the island. It is hoped to utilise much of the planning for a future event.


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