Although not fungi, members of the kingdom Protista, which includes slime-moulds, are often studied and recorded by fungi experts. This is the definitive list of protists recorded on Lundy.

List alphabetically by English nameList alphabetically by Latin name

    Phylum: Amoebozoa
      Class: Myxomycetes
        Order: Stemonitales Order: Trichiales
          • [No common name]  Arcyria denudatacommonWoodland & scrubfirst record: 2005
          • [No common name]  Metatrichia floriformiscommonWoodland & scrubfirst record: 2010
          • [No common name]  Trichia affiniscommonWoodland & scrubfirst record: 2010
          • [No common name]  Trichia persimiliscommonWoodland & scrubfirst record: 2008
          • [No common name]  Trichia variacommonWoodland & scrubfirst record: 2006
        Order: Ceratiomyxales Order: Liceales
          • [No common name]  Cribraria aurantiacacommonWoodland & scrubfirst record: 2013
          • [No common name]  Cribraria rufarareWoodland & scrubfirst record: 2003
          • [No common name]  Enteridium lycoperdonoccasionalWoodland & scrubfirst record: 2013
          • Wolf’s Milk Slime Mould  Lycogala epidendrumoccasionalWoodland & scrubfirst record: 1995
        Order: Physarales
          • [No common name]  Fuligo septicaoccasionalWoodland & scrubfirst record: 2016
          • Egg-shell Slime Mould  Leocarpus fragiliscommonHeathlandfirst record: 2004
          • [No common name]  Physarum leucophaeumoccasionalGrasslandfirst record: 2004
          • [No common name]  Physarum pusillumoccasionalWoodland & scrubfirst record: 2017
          • Dog’s Vomit Slime Mould  Mucilago crustaceacommonGrasslandfirst record: 2011

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