2021 Slug and Snail records

This table comprises the slug and snail records for 2021.

The contents of this table may be sorted using the arrows in the header row and filtered by entering text in the boxes at the head of each column.

Species nameScientific nameQuantitySite nameDateRecorder name
Brown-lipped SnailCepaea nemoralis2Millcombe2021-05-09Alan & Sandra Rowland
Garden Snail Cornu aspersum2Millcombe2021-05-09Alan & Sandra Rowland
Mud SnailPotamopyrgus antipodarum32Millcombe Cascade2021-05-10Alan Rowland
Mud SnailPotamopyrgus antipodarum23Millcombe Stream Gardens2021-05-10Alan Rowland
Wandering SnailLymnaea peregra3Millcombe Cascade2021-05-10Alan Rowland
Wandering SnailLymnaea peregra1Millcombe Stream Gardens2021-05-10Alan Rowland
Mud SnailPotamopyrgus antipodarum50Brambles Pond 2021-05-11Alan Rowland
Mud SnailPotamopyrgus antipodarum19St John's Stream Brambles2021-05-11Alan Rowland
Wandering SnailLymnaea peregra6Brambles Pond 2021-05-11Alan Rowland
Mud SnailPotamopyrgus antipodarum43St John’s Stream - Square Cottage 2021-05-13Alan Rowland
Wandering SnailLymnaea peregra6St John’s Stream - Square Cottage 2021-05-13Alan Rowland
Green Cellar SlugLimacus flavus/maculatus1Village2021-05-19Stephen O'Donnell
Black SlugArion ater agg.3Tibbetts2021-06-10Alan & Sandra Rowland
Tree SlugLehmannia marginata1Quarries2021-06-10Alan & Sandra Rowland
Two-toothed Door SnailClausillia bidentata1Millcombe2021-10-12Alan & Sandra Rowland
Tree SlugLehmannia marginata1Old Light2021-10-29Joy Ashford
Leopard SlugLehmannia maximus3St John's Valley2021-11-12Alan & Sandra Rowland
Mud SnailPotamopyrgus antipodarum220Millcombe Cascade 2021-11-13Alan Rowland
Mud SnailPotamopyrgus antipodarum240Millcombe Stream Gardens2021-11-13Alan Rowland
Mud SnailPotamopyrgus antipodarum329Brambles Pond 2021-11-15Alan Rowland
Mud SnailPotamopyrgus antipodarum104St John’s Stream Brambles 2021-11-15Alan Rowland
Wandering SnailLymnaea peregra4Brambles Pond 2021-11-15Alan Rowland
Mud SnailPotamopyrgus antipodarum87St John’s Stream - Square Cottage2021-11-17Alan Rowland

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