Lundy Bibliography

Lundy Island has been researched in almost every aspect, and has also inspired a large volume of general literature. However a comprehensive bibliography has not previously been attempted. Very few bibliographies are ever definitive, and I make no such claim for this first attempt. Specifically excluded are newspaper references, unpublished typescripts, prints, plans, Lundy Field Society Reports, and much of the marginal material which mentions Lundy in passing. The bibliography concentrates on books, reports, periodical articles, conference papers and academic theses, which are devoted solely or in reasonable measure, as far as I can tell, to the island.

Some parts of the bibliography are less full than others, either through design (in particular the oldest historical references, which may be left to others); or the difficulty of tracing more references e.g. ornithology/philately. A few citations are not as accurate as I would wish; to ensure this would take immense effort. Likewise I have not provided abstracts for entries: this would be a full-time task. So the reader must allow for the odd rough edge.

The Lundy Bibliography has been compiled for its intrinsic value to island devotees. Those who wish to conduct further bibliographic research should be aware of the large collection of primary material in the Langham collection. This is housed in the West Country Studies Library, (WSL) Exeter, and is available for public consultation by appointment. It comprises 58 boxes, many of which contain unpublished typescripts, manuscripts and ephemera, as well as rare cuttings and articles. Another significant resource is the membership and expertise contained within the Lundy Field Society.

This bibliography would not have been possible without assistance, and I am indebted in particular to Ian Maxted, the doyen of the West Country Studies Library in Exeter. My colleagues at Bath University have likewise assisted, with a special mention to those in inter-library loans.

A Holbrook, University of Bath Library & Learning Centre. May 2000

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