Lundy list of Amoeboid Protists

Although not fungi, members of the phylum Amoebozoa within the kingdom Protista, which includes slime-moulds, are often studied and recorded by fungi experts. This is the definitive list of protists recorded on Lundy.

A total of 21 species (or forms) are listed here.

List alphabetically by common nameList in taxonomic order

  • Amaurochaete tubulina  [No common name]rareWoodland & scrubfirst:2005
  • Arcyria denudata  [No common name]commonWoodland & scrubfirst:2005
  • Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa  [No common name]occasionalWoodland & scrubfirst:2015
  • Cribraria aurantiaca  [No common name]commonWoodland & scrubfirst:2013
  • Cribraria rufa  [No common name]rareWoodland & scrubfirst:2003
  • Dictydiaethalium plumbeum  [No common name]raremuch rotted Sycamore woodfirst:2022
  • Didymium squamulosum  [No common name]rareIncubated rabbit bonefirst:2021
  • Enteridium lycoperdon  False Puffball Slime MouldoccasionalWoodland & scrubfirst:2013
  • Fuligo septica  [No common name]occasionalWoodland & scrubfirst:2016
  • Leocarpus fragilis  Egg-shell Slime MouldcommonHeathlandfirst:2004
  • Lycogala epidendrum  Wolf’s Milk Slime MouldoccasionalWoodland & scrubfirst:1995
  • Metatrichia floriformis  [No common name]commonWoodland & scrubfirst:2010
  • Metatrichia vesparia  [No common name]rareRotted oak in Millcombe
  • Mucilago crustacea  Dog’s Vomit Slime MouldcommonGrasslandfirst:2011
  • Perichaena vermicularis  [No common name]rareon dead sterm of Agrostisfirst:2022
  • Physarum leucophaeum  [No common name]occasionalGrasslandfirst:2004
  • Physarum pusillum  [No common name]occasionalWoodland & scrubfirst:2017
  • Stemonitis sp.  [No common name]rarefirst:2020
  • Trichia affinis  [No common name]commonWoodland & scrubfirst:2010
  • Trichia persimilis  [No common name]commonWoodland & scrubfirst:2008
  • Trichia varia  [No common name]commonWoodland & scrubfirst:2006

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