Lundy list of Dragonflies and Damselflies

A total of 15 species (or forms) are listed here.

List alphabetically by scientific nameList in taxonomic order

  • Beautiful Demoiselle  Calopteryx virgoRare
  • Black Darter  Sympetrum danaeRare
  • Black-tailed Skimmer  Orthetrum cancellatumRare
  • Blue-tailed Damselfly  Ischnura elegansAbundant and breeds
  • Common Blue Damselfly  Enallagma cyathigerum Abundant and breeds
  • Common Darter  Sympetrum striolatum Abundant and breeds
  • Common Hawker  Aeshna juncea Rare
  • Emperor Dragonfly  Anax imperatorOccasional
  • Four-spotted Chaser  Libellula quadrimaculataRare
  • Golden-ringed Dragonfly  Cordulegaster boltonii Rare
  • Migrant Hawker  Aeshna mixtaAbundant
  • Red-veined Darter  Sympetrum fonsolombiiRare
  • Ruddy Darter  Sympetrum sanguineumRare
  • Southern Hawker  Aeshna cyaneaRare
  • Vagrant Emperor  Anax iphippigerRare

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