2021 Bee, Wasp and Ant records

This table comprises the bee, wasp and ant records for 2021.

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English nameScientific nameQuantitySiteDateRecorder name
White-tailed BumblebeeBombus lucorum1Lundy2021-03-14Dean Jones
Buff-tailed BumblebeeBombus terrestris1Lundy2021-03-16Dean Jones
Buff-tailed BumblebeeBombus terrestris2Lundy2021-05-01Andrew Higginson, Katy Chapman, Lisa Leaver
Common Carder beeBombus pascuorum4Lundy2021-05-01Andrew Higginson, Katy Chapman, Lisa Leaver
Common Carder beeBombus pascuorum1Lundy2021-05-13Alan Rowland
Common Carder beeBombus pascuorum1Lundy2021-05-14Alan Rowland
Common Carder beeBombus pascuorum2Lundy2021-05-14Alan Rowland
Honey BeeApis mellifera1Lundy2021-05-15Alan Rowland
Honey BeeApis mellifera1Lundy2021-05-15Alan Rowland
Common Carder beeBombus pascuorum2Lundy2021-05-16Alan Rowland
Honey BeeApis mellifera2Lundy2021-05-16Alan Rowland
Honey BeeApis mellifera1Lundy2021-05-17Alan Rowland
Spiny Mason WaspOdynerus spinipes1Lundy2021-06-07Chris & Carol Baillie
a Red antMyrmica ruginodis1Lundy2021-06-26Sam Bosanquet
Dusky AntFormica fusca1Lundy2021-06-26Sam Bosanquet
an antLasius psammophilus1Lundy2021-06-27Sam Bosanquet
Common Carder BeeBombus pascuorum1Lundy2021-06-27Sam Bosanquet
Common Red AntMyrmica rubra1Lundy2021-06-27Sam Bosanquet
Dusky AntFormica fusca1Lundy2021-06-27Sam Bosanquet
a Red antMyrmica ruginodis1Lundy2021-06-28Sam Bosanquet
Banded-winger Honeysuckle SawflyAbia fasciata1Lundy2021-06-29Sam Bosanquet
Turnip SawflyAthalia rosae1Lundy2021-07-02Dean Jones
Garden BumblebeeBombus hortorum1Lundy2021-07-04Dean Jones
An Ichneumon WaspHeteropelma amictum1Lundy2021-07-28Alan Rowland
European Alder LeafminerFenusa dohrniipresentLundy2021-07-30Dean Jones
a parasitic waspCotesia tibialis5Lundy2021-10-08Alan Rowland
An Ichneumon WaspLysibia nanus1Lundy2021-10-08Alan Rowland
a parasitic waspCotesia sp.1Lundy2021-10-11Alan Rowland

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