2021 Grasshopper and Cricket records

This table comprises the grasshopper and cricket records for 2021.

The contents of this table may be sorted using the arrows in the header row and filtered by entering text in the boxes at the head of each column.

Species nameScientific nameQuantitySite nameDateRecorder name
Speckled Bush CricketLeptophyes punctatissima1Village2021-07-12Alan & Sandra Rowland
Field GrasshopperChorthippus brunneus1Quarries2021-08-04Steve Banner
Speckled Bush CricketLeptophyes punctatissima1Millcombe2021-08-05Steve Banner
Speckled Bush CricketLeptophyes punctatissima1Quarries2021-08-05Steve Banner
Speckled Bush CricketLeptophyes punctatissima1Quarries2021-08-07Steve Banner
Field GrasshopperChorthippus brunneus1Millcombe2021-08-09Steve Banner
Speckled Bush CricketLeptophyes punctatissima1Quarries2021-08-13Steve Banner
Field Grasshopper Chorthippus brunneus1Upprt East Side Path2021-08-25Alan Rowland
Speckled Bush CricketLeptophyes punctatissima1Government House2021-10-10Alan & Sandra Rowland

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