2021 Mammal records

This table comprises the native and feral mammal records for 2021.

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Species nameScientific nameQuantitySite nameDateRecorder name
RabbitOryctolagus cuniculus3Brick Field2021-01-07Dean Jones & Rosie Ellis
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus1Castle Keep North2021-01-12n/a
RabbitOryctolagus cuniculus1Barton Field2021-03-07Dean Jones
RabbitOryctolagus cuniculus1Upper Millcombe2021-04-09Dean Jones
GoatCapra aegagrus7QW copse2021-04-18C & M Dee
GoatCapra aegagrus6Tibbetts2021-04-18C & M Dee
SikaCervus nippon31QW copse2021-04-18C & M Dee
SoayOvis aries1Jenny's Cove2021-04-27Dean Jones & Zoe Barton
RabbitOryctolagus cuniculus1Pilots Quay2021-05-11T Jones & T Davis
RabbitOryctolagus cuniculus1Devils Slide2021-05-12T Jones & T Davis
SikaCervus nippon20Middle Park2021-05-12A & S Rowland
SikaCervus nippon21Tillage Field2021-05-12A & S Rowland
SikaCervus nippon49Tillage Field2021-05-14A & S Rowland
Bat sp.1Quarry Pond2021-05-16B Arkless
SikaCervus nippon29Tillage Field2021-05-16A & S Rowland
SikaCervus nippon18Lower East Side Path2021-05-16A & S Rowland
GoatCapra aegagrus21North End2021-05-17A & S Rowland
GoatCapra aegagrus21Middle Park2021-05-17A & S Rowland
RabbitOryctolagus cuniculus1Gannets Coombe2021-05-17D, H & N Boyer
SikaCervus nippon23Tillage Field2021-05-17A & S Rowland
SikaCervus nippon5North End2021-05-17A & S Rowland
SikaCervus nippon21Tillage Field2021-05-18A & S Rowland
SikaCervus nippon1Pondsbury2021-05-18A & S Rowland
RabbitOryctolagus cuniculus1St Marks Slope2021-05-31Dean Jones
SikaCervus nippon12Tillage Field2021-06-05A & S Rowland
SikaCervus nippon2Tibbetts2021-06-05A & S Rowland
SikaCervus nippon9Threequarter Wall2021-06-05A & S Rowland
SikaCervus nippon2Gannets Coombe2021-06-05A & S Rowland
SikaCervus nippon19Quarterwall Copse2021-06-06A & S Rowland
Bat sp.1Quarters2021-06-07C & C Baillie
GoatCapra aegagrus1Aztec Bay2021-06-07Dean Jones
RabbitOryctolagus cuniculus1Southwest Point2021-06-07C & C Baillie
GoatCapra aegagrus9Quarter Wall2021-06-08A & S Rowland
SikaCervus nippon15Acklands Moor2021-06-08Dean Jones & Rosie Ellis
GoatCapra aegagrus1Millcombe2021-06-09A & S Rowland
GoatCapra aegagrus13Middle Park2021-06-09A & S Rowland
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus4Aztec Bay2021-07-02Dean Jones
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus1Castle Cottage2021-07-04C & S Blackmore
SikaCervus nippon14Tillage Field2021-07-04C & S Blackmore
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus1Castle Cottage2021-07-05C & S Blackmore
SikaCervus nippon8Airfield2021-07-05C & S Blackmore
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus2Castle Cottage2021-07-06C & S Blackmore
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus2Castle Cottage2021-07-07C & S Blackmore
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus2Castle Cottage2021-07-08C & S Blackmore
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus2Castle Cottage2021-07-09C & S Blackmore
RabbitOryctolagus cuniculus1Terrace2021-07-09C & S Blackmore
SikaCervus nippon17Tillage Field2021-07-09C & S Blackmore
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus2Castle Cottage2021-07-10C & S Blackmore
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus2Castle Cottage2021-07-11C & S Blackmore
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus2Castle Cottage2021-07-12C & S Blackmore
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus1Castle Cottage2021-07-13C & S Blackmore
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus2Castle Cottage2021-07-14C & S Blackmore
SikaCervus nippon4Battery Point2021-07-14C & S Blackmore
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus1Hanmers2021-07-15C & S Blackmore
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus1Castle Cottage2021-07-15C & S Blackmore
SikaCervus nippon6Barton Field2021-07-29N Holt
SoayOvis aries130Middle Park2021-07-29N Holt
SikaCervus nippon1Airfield2021-07-31J, N & P Holt
SikaCervus nippon9Quarterwall Copse2021-08-01J, N & P Holt
SikaCervus nippon4Barton Field2021-08-02P Holt
Common PipistrellePipistrellus pipistrellus2Village2021-08-03
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus1Castle Keep North2021-08-14n/a
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus1Bramble Villa East2021-08-18n/a
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus1Millcombe House2021-08-24n/a
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus1Millcombe House2021-08-26n/a
GoatCapra aegagrus9Battery2021-09-14C Dee, L Bartlett, S Sabin & J Swan
GoatCapra aegagrus4Middle Park2021-09-14C Dee, L Bartlett, S Sabin & J Swan
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus1Millcombe House2021-09-14S John
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus1Millcombe House2021-09-15S John
RabbitOryctolagus cuniculus1Terrace2021-09-16C Dee, L Bartlett, S Sabin & J Swan
SikaCervus nippon8Quarterwall Copse2021-09-16C Dee, L Bartlett, S Sabin & J Swan
RabbitOryctolagus cuniculus1Terrace2021-09-19K Dean & J Swan
SikaCervus nippon1East Side2021-09-20J Swan
SikaCervus nippon1Millcombe2021-09-21n/a
RabbitOryctolagus cuniculus1Terrace2021-09-23Alan Rowland
RabbitOryctolagus cuniculus1Terrace2021-09-30M & S West
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus1Castle Cottage2021-10-05n/a
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus1Millcombe2021-10-08C Baillie
SikaCervus nippon1Rat Island2021-10-08C Baillie
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus1Quarries2021-10-09A & S Rowland
GoatCapra aegagrus31Southwest Field2021-10-10A & S Rowland
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus1Castle Keep South2021-10-27M, C, K & D Ellison
SikaCervus nippon1St Johns Valley2021-10-31J Ashford
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus2Castle Keep East2021-11-01L & M Moulton
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus1Castle Keep East2021-11-03n/a
SikaCervus nippon42East Side2021-11-11n/a
SikaCervus nippon1Tent Field2021-11-16n/a
GoatCapra aegagrus11Halfway Wall2021-11-17A & S Rowland
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus1Millcombe House2021-11-17n/a
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus1Hanmers2021-11-17n/a
SikaCervus nippon2Quarries2021-11-18A & S Rowland
SikaCervus nippon1Village2021-11-19n/a
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus1Quarters2021-11-20n/a
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus1Big St Jonhs2021-11-24n/a
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus1Tibbetts Point2021-11-24n/a
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus1Hanmers2021-11-26n/a
SikaCervus nippon25Quarterwall Copse2021-11-28n/a
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus1Castle Keep East2021-12-06n/a
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus1Tavern2021-12-10SDC
SikaCervus nippon24East Side2021-12-15K & J Oke
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus1Old School2021-12-17D & M ?
SikaCervus nippon6+Old Light2021-12-17SM
SikaCervus nippon2Earthquake2021-12-18SM
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus1Old School2021-12-22D & M ?
Pygmy ShrewSorex minutus1Millcombe2021-12-26Marc Holmes

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